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Working with Symbols

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magick symbols

Working with Symbols ~ Magia Symbolica

Within the context of magick, symbols may be used as gateways to pools of energy and consciousness within the Universal Etheric Field, meditative focal points, or receptacles for pneuma technikon.  Certain symbols possess innate power.  These symbols of power are typically ancient glyphs used repeatedly by magi over time to produce specific magickal effects.  Pentagrams, runes, yantras, and deity images are examples of ancient symbols of power.  Throughout the ages, magi have focused upon such symbols of power while performing acts of magick or invoking etheric entities.  Over time this leaves a powerful etheric trace within the Universal Etheric Field.  This trace eventually becomes a potent reservoir of pneuma technikon.  The symbol of power acts as a conduit to the larger reservoir of power that it is associated with.  In focusing upon the symbol, the magus may tap directly into this store of power via action of cognitive and emotive resonance through the Universal Etheric Field.  This resonance is experienced by the onlooker as fascination.  The sympathetic emanations produced by such resonance draw power through the symbol toward the onlooker and into the surroundings.  Symbols of power may also be intentionally created by focusing upon a symbol while generating pneuma specific to its intended use.  This pneuma is then radiated out into the Universal Etheric Field.  In focusing the awareness upon a symbol the magus may also saturate the symbol with pneuma technikon specific to the magickal goal.  Symbols saturated in this way act as powerful talismans.  As meditative focal points, symbols may be used during the Focused Awareness stage of the preliminary techniques or as a powerful augmentation to enhance the focus of any practice.


Full instructions regarding the techniques and practices discussed above may be found within the book Ars Vercanus – Advanced Magickal Techniques



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