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The Work of the Psychopomp

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The Work of the Psychopomp ~ Opus Psychopompi

The psychopomp provides counseling, guidance and healing to the deceased. This work can greatly ease transition of the spirit into the next phase of existence, particularly in instances of unexpected death or situations in which the deceased has unresolved issues. The departed may be called upon via the technique of Evocation. Etheric Communication is used to interact with the spirit. A dialog may be established to address needs or concerns. Common issues addressed include afterlife paths and means of communicating with the living.

Spirits of the deceased are often initially encountered in a state of confusion, fear, or denial. Discussing the deceased’s transition to a new state can allay some confusion. Presenting various afterlife paths may alleviate fear and provide comfort. A spirit in denial refuses to accept death, sometimes refusing to leave the material body. The spirit may be overwhelmed by anger or sadness or be deeply concerned about remaining family members or loved ones. Discussion of afterlife paths is often welcome. Commonly selected afterlife paths include reincarnation, remaining a disembodied spirit, entering a blissful etheric environment or that of a specific deity, or expanding into union with the cosmos at large. The psychopomp works to guide the spirit to its preferred afterlife. Through the technique of Spirit Projection, the magus leaves the body and accompanies the spirit upon the initial steps into the afterlife, leading the way and providing comfort.

It is important to convey to the deceased that communication with the living is still possible. By focusing thoughts, emotions and energy a spirit is able to directly communicate with a living person. This communication is typically perceived by the individual at a semiconscious level. Living individuals are more susceptible to communication from spirits while dreaming. As such, spirits may be directed to contact friends and loved ones through dreams.

It may be determined that the etheric body of the deceased requires healing. The etheric body of the spirit may have been damaged by the circumstance of death, illness during life, or other maladies. Often the techniques of extracting harmful energy and adding healing energy will suffice, but occasionally more comprehensive measures are needed to heal the spirit. This allows the spirit to move into the next phase of existence with a healthy, undamaged etheric body.


Full instructions regarding the techniques and practices discussed above may be found within the book Ars Vercanus – Advanced Magickal Techniques




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