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Union via Sacred Sex

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union via sacred sex

Union via Sacred Sex ~ Communio Sexualis Sacra 

Through sacred sex, two partners merge together to experience existence beyond the individuated self.  This practice entails exchanging male and female energies to create a powerful, nondual state of bliss.  During this sacred sex each partner perceives the other as a localized manifestation of the divine universal male or female principal.  As the female draws in male energy through her Sex Center and the male draws in energy through the female breath, a circuit of moving energy is formed.  Alternately, any method of energy circulation that feels natural and intuitive may be used.  Through continued energy exchange via sexual union the two partners become one.  As the nondual state of bliss intensifies, the illusory division between the self, the partner and the larger ecology of consciousness and energy dissolves.  As orgasm is reached, this profound transpersonal state of union is intensified and expanded, merging the lovers into one with each other and the greater collective of existence.  The initial stages of this technique may be augmented with elements of ritual to bring the partners into a state of resonance. The efficacy of this technique is not affected by sexual preference.  Depending upon the nature of each individual, same sex couples may embody the union of male/female universal energies or the union and intensification of same gender universal energies.




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