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Paths of Immortality

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paths of immortality

The quest for immortality is undertaken for many reasons. The path of immortality chosen is dependent upon the basic nature and personal preference of the magus. Common paths of immortality pursued include etheric exploration, conscious reincarnation, service to humanity, continual knowledge, eternal union with a deity, and eternal love. Whichever path is chosen, it need not be traveled alone. The journey past death may be taken with loved ones, family and friends. Training for immortality may be done in pairs or groups. Additionally, the techniques of Immortality enable the magus to reunite with loved ones who have previously passed on.

Etheric Exploration

Etheric exploration is well suited to those with an unending fascination for the mysteries of existence. As a disembodied spirit, the magus is free to explore infinite etheric realms as well as the vast material expanse of the universe.

Conscious Reincarnation

Those fascinated with the visceral, sensual nature of corporeal existence may experience it repeatedly through conscious reincarnation. The sex act is extremely powerful. It generates the amount of energy necessary to create new life. This energy is a blend of energy from both the mother and father. Copulation can either create a new spirit or act as a gateway to the rebirth of an existing spirit. Couplings resulting in conception cause a powerful warping of etheric currents, time streams, and the inertial flow of causal events. Where these energetic and causal streams converge there are conception points, a nexus of energy merged together by the two lovers to create a corporeal being. These conception points may be described as myriad energy vortexes within the Universal Etheric Field terminating at the impassioned couplings of lovers. It is through these gateways that spirits may once again incarnate into material existence.

During Conscious Reincarnation, the magus identifies currents within the Universal Etheric Field that are in resonance with the desired path of reincarnation, as they are forming into conception points. In choosing a conception point, the magus controls reincarnation as opposed to randomly re-entering material existence. Unwanted aspects of the self, karmic attachments, and unwanted obsessions from the previous life are thoroughly banished. Striving to retain as much of the self as possible the newly reincarnated magus merges with the conception energies of the mother and father. As the new being grows, the consciousness and spirit of the magus becomes that of the developing child and experiences a lengthy period of gestation and transformation in a state of union with the mother. As the child matures, memories of the previous life often return. The new individual possesses qualities and characteristics of both mother and father, along with the faculties of power, perception and control of the reincarnated magus. The extent to which the magus is able to retain memory and skills is dependent upon focus and power.

Service to Humanity

Those with deep compassion may continue service to humanity after death. Examples of this path include immortal, ascended masters who foster the spiritual and magickal development of living humans from a disembodied state, or bodhisattvas who consciously forgo entry into nirvana in order to guide other sentient beings to a state of enlightenment.

Continual Knowledge

Others may seek to continually gain knowledge. Through unending existence, the magus may evolve, transform, and unravel the mysteries of existence for eons as a disembodied spirit.

Eternal Union with a Deity

Those with a powerful relationship with a deity in life may choose to attain eternal union with that deity after death.

Eternal Love

Those who find true love in life may seek to join each other eternally through Shared Immortality.  Immortality techniques may be used to join partners together in a state of eternal love. Shared Immortality entails the ongoing use of the primary Immortality technique in unison with a partner and a technique to bind the two together in eternal resonance. Using these techniques the partners learn to gather and cultivate energy together and foster familiarity in a disembodied state. Collaboration in a disembodied state creates resonance between the partners, which is further intensified by the technique of Eternal Embrace. This technique is a sensual, energetic union that prevents two spirits from drifting apart. This process creates a deep spiritual link that binds two partners together in eternal resonance. Spirits that have been bound in this fashion remain together in life and beyond death.




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