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Mechanisms of Magick

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Mechanisms of Magick

Material Reality is Affected by Etheric Means via the Action of Etheric Convergence

All material phenomena possess an etheric aspect beyond their apparent physical attributes.  The material and etheric aspects of any given subject are two sides of a single unified continuum.  Thus, changes made to the etheric aspect of a subject are translated to its material aspect.  When the etheric aspect of a subject is altered, the material aspect is shifted into conformity with the etheric change.  This effect is typically subtle, yet profound.  This Etheric Shift strongly affects the probability that the material aspect will conform to the etheric change.  Through this Etheric Convergence, matter is altered in accordance with the willed change.  This change, however, may not be immediately apparent and may manifest in unexpected ways.  The etheric and material aspects of reality are two sides of a continuum, each aspect existing in a different state of being.  Existence at the etheric level is not subject to spatial, temporal, or physical constraints.  As such, results may be achieved at this level of reality that would appear magickal by ordinary standards.  Action at the etheric level is not limited by physical location or distance.  Free of this spatial limitation, distant subjects may be affected as if physically present.  Additionally, action at the etheric level may shift events into alignment with the magickal goal across large, non-localized regions.  As such, the magus may shift the entirety of a complex system into alignment upon a single goal.  Via temporal extension at the etheric level of existence, the magus may perceive reality and the action of cause and effect as it extends forward in time.  Therefore, etheric shifts may influence events beyond what is typically understood as the present.  Free from the boundaries of physical existence, the magus may affect change at the etheric level unhindered by material constraints such as gravity and solid matter.  The material results of action at the etheric level are at times immediate and profound.  Typically, however, the subtle yet boundless effect of this action manifests at the material level as a complex series of events that are in accordance with the magickal goal, or a gradual conformity in the subject to the etheric change.






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