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The Etheric Apect of Reality

March 27, 2014 | By

Etheric Aspect of Reality

The ultimate nature of reality has been explored within the mystic and philosophical traditions of various cultures.  This ultimate reality has been described in various ways and by many names such as Brahman, ParamaShiva, the Tao, and the One.  In attaining states of inner stillness and expanded awareness the magus may achieve a deeper more comprehensive understanding of the nature of reality in its entirety.  Existence may be described as energy/consciousness in various states of being, a single continuum manifesting a spectrum of spirit to matter.  This universal energy/consciousness manifests the material universe from itself.  Material reality is the dense, physical aspect of existence.  Etheric reality is the subtle, energetic aspect of existence.  These realities are two sides of a single, nondual continuum.  The dense corporeal aspects of this continuum manifests as the material world while the subtle etheric aspects are immanent within yet exist beyond material reality.  Though unified, each aspect exists in a different state of being, distinct, yet part of a nondualistic whole.  In shifting the consciousness through this continuum of matter to spirit the magus becomes aware of new realities.  The scope of the continuum perceived is dependent upon the state of the observer’s awareness.  Reality extends far beyond that which is perceived by the physical senses.  For ages, mystics, shamans and seers have described a “spirit world”, an ethereal side of existence that typically goes unseen.  During ordinary states of consciousness, humans perceive only a portion of reality.  Ordinary awareness creates the illusion that the material aspect is all that exists.  Expanded states of consciousness provide a deeper, more holistic perspective.  As the etheric and material aspects of the continuum exist in different states of being, reality at the subtle etheric levels of the continuum behaves differently than at the familiar material level.  At the subtle levels of existence, time, space, and causality are governed by non-physical mechanisms.  As such, action at this level is not limited by the causal, spatial, temporal, or physical constraints of material existence.  It is at this subtle level of existence that magickal, spiritual, and paranormal phenomena occur.




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