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Immortality ~ Immortalitas

In the context of Vercanus magick the term immortality refers to the survival of the etheric body after death.  Destruction of the material body does not necessarily destroy the etheric body.  With proper training and transformation the etheric aspect of the self may remain fully functional after death.  The untrained individual has little control of the spirit after death.  Those with strong religious beliefs in life will typically attach to a deity centered etheric environment after death.  In the case of ghosts, a spirit may become attached to a person or place that was an object of intense obsession in life.  Many spirits are so stunned by death that they are unable retain any level of control.  Such spirits are aimlessly moved about by etheric currents like leaves in the wind.  Spirits that are unable to maintain energy levels and focus may dissipate altogether.  Through the arts of immortality the magus retains full control of consciousness, energy and volition past death.


The practice of immortality makes use of a variety of techniques which enable the spirit to thrive beyond death of the material body.  This primarily consists of training to acquire familiarity with existence in a disembodied state.  This is attained by frequent use of Spirit Projection.  The technique of Spirit Projection is integrally similar to the death experience, familiarity with this state of being prepares the magus for existence beyond the material body.  Through frequent use of Spirit Projection the magus masters the skills necessary to thrive in a non-corporeal state.  Additionally, the magus learns to interact with surrounding phenomena as an entirely non-material being.  Experience of existence in a disembodied state may also be gained via the practice of dream magick.  Towards this end the magus endeavors to use Dream Magick frequently to explore existence in a non-corporeal form.  In order to prevent dissipation of the spirit after death and to maintain consciousness, energy and volition, the magus must train to focus the awareness and retain power.  The spirit body retains its cohesion by sheer force of will.  In mastering Focused Awareness and Stillness the spirit gains control of the consciousness.  Such control is necessary to resist dissipation and free the consciousness from the stream of random thoughts and emotions that would otherwise hinder volition in the disembodied state.  In addition to abnormally powerful focus, achieving immortality also requires having an abnormally powerful spirit.  The practice of energy cultivation while in the material body produces a powerful spirit and augments immortality practices.  The ability to access and cultivate external power sources while in a disembodied state, however, is essential to maintain a spirit that is able to resist dissipation and retain the power to affect reality at the etheric level.  Through frequent excursions in the disembodied state, the magus accesses external power sources, builds internal power, and fosters focused awareness.  Such training transforms the spirit to the degree that it may survive death.  Similar immortality practices may be found within the corpus of Taoist internal alchemy.


Full instructions regarding the techniques and practices discussed above may be found within the book Ars Vercanus – Advanced Magickal Techniques



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