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boundless union

Boundless Union ~ Communio Infinita

Through the technique of Boundless Union the magus may transcend duality and unify with existence at large.  This is accomplished by expanding the entirety of the etheric self into union with all things at the etheric level.  This expansion reunites the individuated consciousness/energy with the universal consciousness/energy that permeates, surrounds and extends beyond all things.  Terms such as Nirvana, Moksha, and Nirvikalpa Samadhi are used within Eastern Mysticism to describe similar sates of union.  Such union confers liberation from the illusion of separation, freedom from individuated existence, and a direct experience of the essential unity of all things. Upon returning to a state of individuated existence, the magus retains the perception of the fundamental unity of all things.  With repeated practice of this technique, the consciousness is profoundly expanded as the illusory division between the individuated self and the greater reality is diminished.  The etheric centers may be left slightly expanded to maintain this enhanced perception continually.  Within Hindu mysticism, those who attain similar states of continual union are described as Jivanmukta.

The technique of Boundless Union entails using core energies to awaken and expand the etheric centers and merge internal energies with powerful external energies to induce a profound nondual state of bliss in which the magus is connected to a larger ecology of energy and consciousness.  This altered state and intensified energy is then used to powerfully expand the entirety of the spirit body beyond the individuated self and into union with the totality of existence.  Several energy based meditations such as Kundalini Yoga, Chi Gong, and Tummo, make use of similar techniques to attain nondual states of being and union beyond the individuated self.  During the preliminary phase of this technique, internal energy is used to awaken and expand the etheric centers.  The technique of Boundless Union entails the awakening of an additional etheric center located at the top of the head.  This Crown Center is the etheric body’s connection point linking the individuated consciousness to the larger collective consciousness.  It is at this interface that internal consciousness/energy is tangibly connected to the ocean of consciousness/energy that surrounds us.  Raising internal energies to and awakening this center, powerfully shifts the awareness into nondual states of consciousness.  This shift of awareness facilitates a profound expansion of the self into union with existence at large.



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