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Defensive Magick

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defensive magick

Defensive Magick ~ Magia Defensiva

Defensive or protection magick is used to prevent harm from being done to the self or others. Various potential threats exist. Magickal attack from another magus, although rare, may present a valid concern. More common are attacks from non-magickal individuals intending physical, mental or emotional harm. Attacks from hostile etheric entities also present a very real threat. Whatever the source of the threat, personal safety and well-being may be maintained via mastery of the defensive arts. Magickal self defense begins with the ability to perceive surrounding dangers. In becoming aware of potential threats, the magus takes appropriate action to avoid being harmed. Expanded Perception and Etheric Perception are used to ascertain if a suspected threat indeed exists, and if so, to analyze the threat. Defensive techniques are then used to address the identified threat. Defensive techniques employed within Vercanus Magick include:

Fortifying the etheric form
Enlisting the aid of spirits
Defensive Talismans and Amulets



Full instructions regarding the techniques and practices discussed above may be found within the book Ars Vercanus – Advanced Magickal Techniques




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