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Collaborative Events: A Forum for Communal Ekstasis

February 14, 2014 | By | Add a Comment

Ekstasis via collaborative events

Events such as Lucidity and Burning Man are of vital importance in that they are reintroducing a powerful form of communal ekstasis to modern Western culture.  They do so by providing an open forum for spiritually and culturally meaningful ecstatic states of being.  Through music, dance, art, ritual, and group cohesion, these gatherings shift consciousness beyond the limited routines of daily life into powerful trans-mundane states of ekstasis, bliss, and union. Similar events were at one time commonplace within the fabric of Western culture. Examples being the ecstatic Dionysian festivals of ancient Greece and the various seasonal festival of pagan Europe.  Similarly, experimental artist collaboratives s such as Fishbon provide access to powerful forms of communal ekstasis and transformational, immerse art.  Such art collaboratives provide access to these experiences at the community level throughout the year.

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