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Divination ~ Divinatio

Divination is the practice of acquiring information via magickal means.  Temporal divination allows the magus to perceive the future and the past.  Divination of the present is used to perceive the complex web of causality and underlying etheric phenomena that shape events in the now.  Remote viewing is the perception of distant locations, people or events.


The Nature of Time

To understand temporal divination, one must understand the nature of time.  Time is a process of movement and becoming.  It is the expansion of the continuum of existence as it is coming into being.  This expansion is experienced as the linear forward progression of time.  The current relative point in this expansion is perceived as the present.  Perception of material reality provides a limited perspective of this temporal “now”.  The subtle aspects of existence extend beyond the material aspects as the continuum of existence is coming into being.  Via this temporal extension the magus may expand the awareness and perceive the inertial flow of events as they extend forward in time beyond what is typically perceived as the present.  Such awareness facilitates the perception of potential futures as they are shaped by action in the present.  All phenomena emanate etheric energies.  Additionally, every action, event, and thought sends energetic waves, currents, and emanations into the Universal Etheric Field.  This energetic interaction creates complex, ever changing patterns of etheric energy that move throughout the Universal Etheric Field like ripples in a pond.  These patterns of energy and motion reflect the inertial momentum, trajectories, and energetic imprints of actions and events in the present.  As these emanations move forward through the time stream they interact and shift configuration.  These shifting configurations reflect potential futures as they develop along the time stream.  Through expanded states of consciousness the magus may project the awareness through the Universal Etheric Field and forward in time to perceive the ever shifting configurations and movements of these emanations and the potential futures they reflect.  Such perceptions are typically experienced as a sudden flash of insight, disjointed images, premonitory intuition, powerful emotions, or a fully immersive visionary experience.  The future perceived is probable rather than finite due to the fact that events in the present are in a constant state of flux.  Futures perceived during divination are ever-changing as they are continually re-shaped by action in the present.  As such, divination of the future is the art of foreseeing probable outcomes rather than predicting certain fates.


Full instructions regarding the techniques and practices discussed above may be found within the book Ars Vercanus – Advanced Magickal Techniques


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