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Working With Magickal Substances

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Working With Magickal Substances ~ Opus Materiae Magicae

Certain material substances contain unique types of pneuma that exert specific effects upon reality at the etheric level.  Magickal substances typically consist of plant, mineral, or animal material.  Etheric Perception is used to identify magickal substances and determine the properties of the pneuma contained therein.  Substances possessing properties beneficial to the magickal goal are carefully selected.  Energy Casting techniques are then used to saturate these substances with pneuma technikon specific to the magickal goal.  This greatly increases the potency of the substance by blending its natural energy with that of the pneuma technikon.  Magickal substances affect reality through the basic etheric mechanisms of radiant emanations, resonance / dissonance, saturation, and the behaviors of pneuma technikon.  Magickal substances may also be used to store, transport, and deliver magickal energies.  Throughout the centuries, volumes describing the properties of various magickal substances have been compiled.  These compendiums may further assist the magus in identifying, selecting, and formulating materiae magicae.

Materiae magicae may be fashioned into a variety of forms per the intended goal of the working.  Oils, powders, incense, candles, potions, washes, talismans and amulets are the forms most commonly used.  A materia magica may be used alone or combined into a formula.  In each case, the materia magica used is saturated with pneuma technikon.


Full instructions regarding the techniques and practices discussed above may be found within the book Ars Vercanus – Advanced Magickal Techniques



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